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Canik Magazine Canik TP9 Sub Compact 9mm Luger with Extended Base Pad Steel Matte

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Canik magazine| Canik magazine for sale

Description This Canik TP9 Elite Sub-Compact 9mm 12 Round Magazine with FR is an original manufacturer product. Note that this magazine is exclusive to the TP9 Elite Sub-Compact handgun. It can contain up to 12 9mm rounds, which is a big capacity for a sub-compact magazine. This is partly because your TP9 Elite Sub-Compact pistol has an enlarged base-plate that offers a finger rest with a pyramid-shaped dip at the bottom. The magazine claims exceptional durability because of its stainless steel structure. Additionally, there are witness holes on the magazine's rear, one for each round. No more speculating on the remaining rounds. Finally, its spring and steel lips provide dependable feeding. Go to the Mag Shack and pick up some additional Canik TP9 Elite Sub-Compact 9mm 12 Round Magazine w/ FR.


Product Information Cartridge 9mm Luger Color Black Finish Matte Material Steel Capacity 15 Round Compatible With Canik TP9 Sub Compact

Canik Magazine Canik TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9V2 9mm Luger Steel Matte

Original price was: 40 $.Current price is: 35 $.

 canik tp9sa magazine for sale

A authentic Canik handgun magazine, the TP9SA, TP9SF, and TP9SFX 9mm 18-Round Magazine is designed to provide unmatched dependability and a perfect fit and finish with your beloved Canik weapon. This magazine is made of stainless steel and has a black, corrosion-resistant finish. It provides exceptional dependability and long-lasting durability even in harsh conditions. canik tp9sa magazine for sale at Canik for Sale


Product Information Cartridge 9mm Luger Color Black Finish Matte Material Steel Capacity 20 Round Compatible With Canik TP9 SA TP9 SF TP9 V2

Canik Magazine TP9, METE, SFx

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The Canik TP9 SFX is a competition-ready variant of the Canik TP9 series. It typically comes with a larger magazine capacity compared to the standard TP9 models. The TP9 SFX usually utilizes 20-round magazines as its standard capacity. These magazines are designed specifically for the TP9 SFX model and may not be compatible with other TP9 variants. As always, it's recommended to check with local firearm dealers or online retailers for the availability of Canik TP9 SFX magazines.


Product Information Cartridge 9mm Luger Color Black Material Steel Capacity 18 Round Compatible With Canik TP9 TP9 SA TP9 SA TP9 SF TP9 SFX TP9 V2


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canik mete mc9

Team Canik is coming into 2023 with the goal of giving the consumer exactly what they have asked for! The next step in meeting this challenge has now been checked with the introduction of the Canik Mete MC9. The new micro compact pistol has been in the works by Canik for three years, going through multiple internal and aesthetic changes in order to find the optimal performance level demanded by the end user. The Canik Mete MC9 truly was Prepared Superior.


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  The Canik TP9 Elite SC was developed to be the first sub-compact version of the TP Series of Pistols with its 3.60-inch barrel. The Elite SC offers the same features as the standard TP9 models, while designed to be snag-free for better concealment and a faster draw. It offers the following features in a sub-compact pistol: comes pre-equipped with double stack magazines, front serrations on the slide, day/night sight options with the capability of co-witnessing with Micro Red-Dots. Concealed carry holster and spare magazine with finger rest is standard in the package; we also include a magazine loader for ease of use. CANIK TP9 Elite SC| Buy CANIK TP9 Elite SC for sale| Best CANIK TP9 SC elite in stock


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canik tp9sfx whiteout

Canik is pleased to present the Canik TP9SFx Whiteout as the first firearm in the Signature Series of Superior Firearms! As its name suggests, the Whiteout is tastefully Cerakoted to give this collectible masterpiece a distinctive appearance. This handgun, which is based on the original TP9 SFx pistol but is customized to maximize and improve your collection, is really the start of something great! There are only 7500 copies of the limited edition TP9 SFx Whiteout made, making it a collector's item complete with a collector's Certificate of Authenticity and a production number imprinted on the left side of the slide.

What is comprised:

PORTED SLIDER WHITEOUT Signature Collectors Finish & White Flared Magazine Okay, for enhanced effectiveness. Fiber-optic front sight post and blacked-out rear sight post are features of Warren Tactical Sights. World Renowned Equivalent back straps that are ready to use right out of the box, plus an extra for bigger hands Slide for Optics Ready Brand-new! Fits your preferred optic with four optic interface plates included. Brand-new! Canik's Whiteout Holster for IWB and OWB Brand-new! Cleaning a barrel using a white cleaning brush and a patch holder Brand-new! Packaging and Storage Box - WHITEOUT Signature Series