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canik signature series

Canik Firearms is proud to introduce the latest edition of the collectible Canik Signature Series with the “Miami Days and Miami Nights” versions! This limited-edition series will consist of 3050 (in honor of the iconic Miami area code the 305) individually numbered pistols of each the Days and Nights. With specifically crafted designs to pay tribute to the iconic US city that includes the skyline, flamingos, palm trees, and of course the retro color scheme all on the Mete SFT pistol, this collectable firearm is a must-have for everyone from the Canik lover to the Miami local!


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canik tp9sfx whiteout

Canik is pleased to present the Canik TP9SFx Whiteout as the first firearm in the Signature Series of Superior Firearms! As its name suggests, the Whiteout is tastefully Cerakoted to give this collectible masterpiece a distinctive appearance. This handgun, which is based on the original TP9 SFx pistol but is customized to maximize and improve your collection, is really the start of something great! There are only 7500 copies of the limited edition TP9 SFx Whiteout made, making it a collector's item complete with a collector's Certificate of Authenticity and a production number imprinted on the left side of the slide.

What is comprised:

PORTED SLIDER WHITEOUT Signature Collectors Finish & White Flared Magazine Okay, for enhanced effectiveness. Fiber-optic front sight post and blacked-out rear sight post are features of Warren Tactical Sights. World Renowned Equivalent back straps that are ready to use right out of the box, plus an extra for bigger hands Slide for Optics Ready Brand-new! Fits your preferred optic with four optic interface plates included. Brand-new! Canik's Whiteout Holster for IWB and OWB Brand-new! Cleaning a barrel using a white cleaning brush and a patch holder Brand-new! Packaging and Storage Box - WHITEOUT Signature Series